Kindergarten Teacher Brags About Teaching ‘White Privilege’, Mocks Parents Who Disapprove

During a recent Zoom meeting, a Billerica Public Schools teacher bragged about teaching her kindergarten and first grade students about “white privilege.” The Massachusetts teacher, Brenna Woods, went on to mock parents who disapprove of her teaching of leftist ideology to their children.
Woods — who has “they/them” pronouns listed on Zoom — told her fellow teachers that she taught remotely throughout the previous school year, which she called “exciting.” The teacher noted that parents could hear everything she was saying and went on to gleefully mock their concerns.

“I did a lesson on white privilege, essentially. I talked about how some people are treated differently based on their race and what they look like,” Woods continued. She then claimed that some parents praised the “powerful conversation” while others voiced their disapproval.

“I received some emails that were like ‘how dare you treat my white child differently?’ I’m like ‘was that hard for you?’” Woods continued while her fellow teachers nodded in agreement.

The teacher went on to say that parents opposed to the “white privilege” kindergarten lesson “unknowingly live very privileged lives” and called for “talking points” in order to explain things to said families.

Last July, Billerica Public Schools staff were required to undergo “racial diversity, equity, and inclusion professional development”, according to WickedLocal. A group of parents later sent a letter questioning the need for such training, which staff and administrators also dismissed.

Billerica Public Schools teacher Chris Dearbeck told the publication that “white educators” such as himself could use the extra guidance. “There’s a lot of education that needs to happen,” Dearbeck said. “Many of us don’t feel comfortable, and this is a step in the right direction.”

The district paid NYU equity consultants $4,500 to conduct equity workshops in last year. In addition, Billerica Public Schools will pay Collaborative Educational Services (CES) $44,200 for equity consulting over a two-year contract.

Reporting from National File.