Kentucky’s Black Attorney General Throws Cold Water All Over Biden’s ‘Systemic Racism’ Claim (Video)

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a prominent Republican office-holder in a red state who happens to be African-American, tossed several buckets of cold water on the left’s contention that America is ‘systemically racist’ during a Sunday appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“Well, no, I don’t believe this country is systemically racist,” Cameron told anchor Maria Bartiromo. “What I believe is that this country has always tried from the very beginning to become a more perfect union. And certainly, we’ve had our challenges throughout this nation’s history and there’s no hiding from that, but when you hear comments like you heard from President Biden and others that throw fuel on the fire, that explode the tensions that we have in this country, that’s not good for hoping to unify this country, and so for my part, I try to stay away from hyperbolic terms.”