Kayleigh McEnany Shares Touching Story About Trump’s Concern For Her Baby When She Was Hired

Kayleigh McEnany shared a touching story about the first question former President Trump ever asked her after she was hired as his press secretary.

McEnany was responding to a comment from a supporter who said “we need you back” in a Tik Tok video.

“Man, would love to be back one day,” she replied, before mentioning how Trump “was amazing to work for.”

That’s when she delved into a personal story of the level of concern the former President has for the people in his inner circle.

“He was so supportive of my family,” McEnany revealed as she spoke of “one of the coolest things” he had ever said.

“When he first called me after I took the job … and he called me with a congratulatory message,” she said. “The very first question he said to me was, ‘Is baby Blake, is your daughter going to be okay?’”

Why The Touching Question From Trump Meant So Much To Kayleigh McEnany

McEnany explained to viewers why the simple question from Trump meant so much to her.

“You know what? That meant the world to me,” she explained. “I was a new mom, I think at the time she was five or six months old.”

“I was very nervous to be away from her and the fact that he said to me, ‘Is baby Blake going to be okay?’ it meant a lot,” McEnany added.

“He’s an awesome guy,” she continued. “And I’m so honored, so blessed.”

McEnany’s touching story is one of many you’ll likely never hear about the kinder, gentler side of Donald Trump in the mainstream media.

There are others like it, however.

In 2017, Trump learned of a campaign volunteer whose father had been undergoing chemotherapy treatments to battle cancer, and who had been working a job at night and volunteering during the day.

When the former President heard the story, he reportedly had the man escorted to his inauguration, met with him personally, and issued a check for $10,000 to help pay for his father’s chemotherapy treatments.