Kari Lake Uncovers Unsupervised Remote Signature Verification by 99 Individuals: Maricopa County’s 2022 Elections

Kari Lake has made public claims concerning irregularities in the signature verification process for the 2022 Maricopa County, Arizona elections.

Lake was the Republican candidate for Arizona governor that year, losing to Democrat Katie Hobbs.

During a guest appearance on Steve Bannon’s podcast “The War Room,” Lake announced that nearly a hundred employees were permitted to verify signatures remotely, without any supervision, The Gateway Puntid first reported.

She contends that this lack of oversight placed at least 250,000 ballots in questionable circumstances.

Lake’s team recently wrapped up a three-day court hearing, where they outlined their concerns regarding the loose signature verification procedures in Maricopa County during the 2022 election.

One of the most alarming revelations was that at least 99 workers were given authorization to analyze and approve ballot signatures remotely, without any oversight or checks in place.

Lake said during the War Room interview, “When you do a signature verification, you got to compare signatures. You can’t do that by just hitting one button. You have to scroll up. And they’re not doing that to the tune of more than a quarter of a million of ballots that they just threw in and counted.”

She expressed disbelief at the speed at which signatures were approved, sarcastically referring to the employees as the “Usain Bolt of signature verifiers.”

She went on to say, “We use their own evidence to show that they are approving ballots in 0 second. I mean, it takes a full second to load an image. It takes a full second and they had people approving these in 2 seconds. This is crazy.”

In an apparent critique of the state of electoral integrity in Arizona, Lake argued, “This is all a show to make the voters in Arizona think that we have really tightly run elections when in fact they are a complete sham.”

The matter becomes even more puzzling when Lake claimed that notable individuals like Bill Gates and Stephen Richard had the authority to validate signatures remotely, potentially in an unsupervised setting.

Lake stated, “We found out that 99 people, Steve, were approved to approve signatures behind closed doors, including people like Bill Gates and Stephen Richard. They could be sitting at home in their underwear approving ballots with no observation.”

Furthermore, Lake’s allegations extended to the timing of the verification process during the primary election versus the general election.

She highlighted how signature verifiers were sent home early during the general election, unlike in the primaries where they reportedly worked double shifts to verify all the signatures.

This led Lake to question whether this discrepancy was intentional and allowed for unsupervised verification to take place.

She noted, “And maybe that’s when the back room squad moved in and started doing their pecking on the keyboard. And this is outrageous.”