Kari Lake Fires Back at Those Attacking Trump

Though the final midterm election results for Arizona still are not in, the gubernatorial battle between Republican Kari Lake and Democrat Katie Hobbs is tight while the U.S. Senate race between Republican Blake Masters and incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly is still fairly close.

But Lake said Thursday in a radio interview that she is sure the Republicans will win.

Not only was she confident in the chances of both her and Masters, but she said in the SiriusXM interview that people who doubted that the endorsed candidates of former President Donald Trump will win will have to “eat their words.”

“We’re going to win, probably comfortably, and he’s going to win, and it’s going to be tighter. But we believe Blake Masters has a very, very, very good shot at winning. And they’re afraid. They wanted, the whole narrative, the whole reason they slow-rolled these results, was: ‘Oh, the Trump-endorsed candidates didn’t do well, didn’t do well.’ We’re going to win Arizona, and they’re going to have to eat their words,” Lake said.

Both Masters and Lake were endorsed by the former president in August, CBS News and Politico reported, respectively.

As of Friday morning, Lake and her opponent, Hobbs, were separated by a small margin, as Hobbs had 50.66 percent of the vote and Lake 49.34 percent, with an estimated 83 percent of the votes counted, according to 270towin.

Meanwhile, Masters still trailed Kelly in the contest for Arizona’s Senate seat. Masters had 46.13 percent of the votes on Friday morning and Kelly had 51.75 percent, with about 84 percent of the votes counted.

There has been a delay in tallying votes as Maricopa County — where Phoenix is located — ran into issues with vote tabulation machines on Election Day, as Chairman of Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Bill Gates announced.

The county’s Elections Department then announced that it began a hand-count audit on Thursday.

But despite the leading margins of their Democratic opponents, Lake said she remains confident in the Republicans’ chances in Arizona.

Not only did she predict a win during her radio interview, but she told Fox News Digital on Thursday that she was sure of her victory.

“I am 100 percent going to win. I have absolute 100 percent confidence that I will be the next governor of Arizona,” Lake said.

But there likely will be more waiting for Arizona’s final results because officials were still counting votes on Friday and some have predicted it could take until early next week to get the final results, The Hill reported.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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