Kanye West: Nobody More Censored Than a ‘Straight White Male’

During a recent interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, Ye, the musician and fashion designer formerly known as Kanye West, stated that he sympathizes with “straight white males” as they have the smallest media platform on which to express themselves.

“There’s nobody that gets judged more than a straight white male. The straight white male has the least amount of a platform to even speak,” the multi-billionaire musician and businessman said on Friday.

“A straight white male can’t say, ‘my wife hurt me today,’ because people will say you’re hurting women. A straight white male can’t say ‘hey, a black employee didn’t come into work on time’ because then people will say you’re racist. A straight white male can’t speak on a homosexual person because they’ll say ‘you’re homophobic,’” Ye said in the interview.

The talk show host began the interview by asking the outspoken public figure what he wanted from the chat.

“That right there: uncensored,” Ye said in reference to the show’s name. “American media. It’s very censored. It feels like an episode of Black Mirror a lot of times, so I’ve put myself across the point of no return.”

“There’s a left agenda to silence anyone that goes against the agenda,” Ye asserted.

“I empathize with the position of the straight white male and part of the reason why I empathize with that position is because I know that I am headed to that position. And what position is that? That’s the top power position, where you get all the rocks thrown,” the Grammy-winner told Piers Morgan.

“I’m really empathetic but I call black people out on their stuff. I call white people out on their stuff because we’re actually one people. We’re actually only one species.”

In the now banned interview on Drink Champs, Ye asserted that “the Jewish media” was against former President Donald Trump from the get-go.

“Trump had enough connections to make into office, but he didn’t have the Jewish media on his side. Because the Jewish media was already in line with the agenda of the left with the Chinese,” Ye said.

In a Wednesday interview on the geopolitical talk show, Quite Frankly, legendary comedian, Roseanne Barr, discussed the recent censorship that Kanye West, now Ye, has experienced as a result of his recent statements in interviews.

“Yes they do rush to silence anyone that says anything that’s off the narrative. They’ve done that to me,” Roseanne said.

Barr also commented on the epithet of anti-Semitism that has been thrown at Ye repeatedly since his since-deleted interview.

“Antisemitism is the oldest tool of royalty and it always works,” she said. “You know what’s horrible about it, is the authors of it, they seem to call themselves Jews. It’s horrible,” Roseanne said.

“I know what’s happening in his head about being somebody who cares about the world and wants to use their prestige and the power that they’ve accumulated, the social power, the social score, if you will, that they’ve accumulated. He wants to use that in the best way to help the most people, the most suffering people. It’s a little bit of a Messianic complex you get when you get known by one name. It happens to you,” Roseanne explained.

“I see that he’s already broken two or three layers of the social programming that he was under,” Roseanne added.

“He touched the third rail though. He’s talking about Zionism. It being 100 percent verboten, the topic,” Frank the Quite Frankly show host stated.

“It’s not either,” Barr argued, as she pointed out websites like BitChute and Gab. The interview itself is hosted on Rumble instead of YouTube.

“The same people that fired me, they were all Jewish. I went off the Jewish reservation, as Candace Owens and Kanye talk about, and other conservative people of color,” Roseanne continued. “The Jewish people are in a horrible civil war and nobody’s noticing, especially the Jewish people, who are under the worst mind control.”

“They rush to censor, de-platform and silence anyone that says anything that they feel they don’t approve of. The [expletive] thing about it is, they’re wrong,” Roseanne added.

Reporting from National File.