Kanye West: God Can Use Imperfect People?

The internationally renowned singer-songwriter and fashion designer Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) shook the fashion world in Paris last week by showcasing models with T-shirts that read simply, “White Lives Matter.” Ye also wore the T-shirt and a badge on his chest with a baby ultrasound pictured.

His actions set off a firestorm of criticism swirling around social media, mostly all negative except for a few courageous friends who defended his right to speak against a “hive mentality.” The frenzy also led to a lengthy sit-down with Tucker Carlson of Fox News, where Ye finally got the opportunity to bear his soul. His perspectives on the liberal domination of the entertainment industry, the plight of blacks in America, and his visions for the future of Christian conservatism were both compelling and tragic.

As a megastar and entrepreneurial genius, Ye West has had more than his fair share of media scrutiny and backlash. He and his former wife, Kim Kardashian, were constantly in the spotlight for creative breakthroughs, child-rearing, and even political advocacy when Ye backed Trump during the 2016 election. Though his Christianity was never hidden, another level of transformation occurred when Ye publicly professed to be a born-again Christian in 2019. He held these invite-only Sunday services, mainly in Southern California, that included over 200+ Gospel choir singers and various pastors who would also preach a short message. I attended one of the services, which was a remarkable experience as a relatively new Christian. There were thousands of attendees from all walks of life, undoubtedly including people who had never heard the Gospel. Hundreds of young kids fell to their knees, crying out to God, probably for the first time. The power of the Holy Spirit moving throughout the enormous crowd was undeniable.

It was definitely unconventional, but Jesus’ ministry was anything but conventional. There is no doubt many encountered the power of Christ that day.

Fast forward to the present day, and Ye’s marriage to Kim has ended, which he clearly laments, but his dedication to Christian values has not waned. In his heartfelt interview with Tucker, he opens up about what he feels is destroying the black community in America and what ultimately led to the breakdown of his own family.

In summary, Ye West believes it is the liberal agenda that has led to a black genocide where more babies are killed by abortion in New York City than are born, and there is a perpetuation of Black-on-Black violence. He claims that “influencers” throughout the entertainment industry force a narrative on black artists that discourages independent thought and promotes an unhealthy lifestyle. He also shares a very personal struggle about being forced to keep silent about his political ideas throughout his marriage because his views supposedly endangered the safety of his children. He was repeatedly told that his children would suffer the consequences if he ignored the demands to conform. Even after the divorce, he asserts that these same “influencers” encourage his ex-wife to keep his daughter away from her father, and he has a constant battle to remain involved in their lives. These “handlers” in the entertainment industry have been a source of great anguish for Ye and have led to his outbursts of frustration privately and on social media. Ye and other prominent black conservatives like Candace Owens face severe backlash for going against the system, and in his explosive interview, Ye says it’s all about control.

Soon after the Fox interview aired over several nights, a tired and weary Ye tweeted an inappropriate and offensive comment against the Jewish community, which caused a whole new set of problems for the embattled star. Though the tweet most likely stems from years of manipulation, coercion, and a sense of powerlessness over his own life from people in the entertainment industry, it does not excuse the outburst. Unfortunately, his lashing out undermines the lofty goals and vision he has to uplift the black community from its cycle of violence and poverty. He even had plans to build centers next to Planned Parenthood so mothers of unwanted pregnancies had life-affirming alternatives. Now, it is unclear whether any of those efforts can garner broader support. He goes from an unlikely hero to cancel culture’s new villain in less than a week.

Yes, Ye is eccentric and flawed, but his heart to serve God seems quite genuine. With over 18 million followers on Instagram, he has an enormous platform and a desire to be used for the Kingdom. He reminds me of the many flawed men God has used throughout history to accomplish His purposes on Earth. Think of Noah, who diligently preached repentance for 400 years and saved humanity through the flood. Yet, once on dry land, his children found him naked and drunk in his tent. One careless decision can destroy the reputation of even the godliest man or woman.

God uses imperfect people to accomplish miraculous things. I hope Ye West will continue to draw closer to the Lord, and maybe one day, we will witness the amazing work done through yet another broken but devoted man of God.

Reporting from The Christian Post.