Kansas High School Approves ‘Satan Club’

A high school in Kansas approved a “Satan Club” despite criticism from parents.

According to an Olathe Public Schools spokesperson, “The club application met the criteria to establish a student-initiated club and is now recognized as a student-initiated club at Olathe Northwest High School.”

Upon discovering that Olathe Northwest Highschool was developing a “Satan Club,” a student launched a petition to stop the club.

“I am a concerned student from Olathe, KS. Recently, I discovered that there are plans to establish a Satan worship/Satan Templist Club at Olathe Northwest Highschool,” the student wrote in the petition’s description. “This deeply troubles me and many others in our community as we believe that schools should be places of education and growth, not platforms for satanic indoctrination or controversial practices.”

“You see the idea behind Christianity is that you are a sinner in need of a savior, because of that sin you have a consequence which is death in hell. However Christ died on the cross to justify those you believe in him so they now have a ticket and deliverance from hell to heaven. The belief in Christianity does not call for hate or persecution against those who do not believe in him but love for those who don’t. This is contrary to the idea of satanism, this idea is a religion that worships Satan at the cost of anyone or anything.

“Satanism has a strong history of persecution and violence towards the church and those who believe in God. Whether you believe in God, are a Christian, Catholic, Mormon, Hindu, Buddhist or even atheist you should see that ending this club is not just because it opposes Christianity but because what they stand for and the actions they will make are wrong and immoral. This isn’t an argument over religion and Christianity but of right and wrong.”

The student added that the club “is not in the best interest of our children or community.”

The petition has more than 7,900 signatures.

Earlier this month, The Satanic Temple announced that they will be launching an After School Satan Club at Chimneyrock Elementary School in Cordova, Tennessee.

The school district released a statement on the matter, saying, “We understand that some of you have questions regarding the recent approval of a facility rental to The Satanic Temple, a federally recognized non-profit organization.”

“As a public school district, we’re committed to upholding the principles of the First Amendment, which guarantees equal access to all non-profit organizations seeking to use our facilities after school hours. This means we cannot approve or deny an organization’s request based solely on its viewpoints or beliefs.”