Kamala Harris ‘Increasing Her Role’ in Reelection Campaign

Vice President Kamala Harris is reportedly “increasing her role” in the upcoming presidential campaign.

Cedric Richmond, co-chair for the Biden-Harris campaign, said the Vice President “is increasing her role, and she’s been a valued partner since day one. I won’t get into whether she’s been covered fairly by the press, but she is a valuable partner.”

Richmond claimed that “Harris is incredibly intelligent. And I will just say she has not only publicly stated her support for President Biden, but she’s privately said that, too.”

The co-chair said that other Democratic governors also shared in the sentiment.

“I was with [California Gov.] Gavin Newsom after the debate when he did the same, and [Michigan Gov.] Gretchen Whitmer was on the chairs’ call yesterday, and she reiterated her support.”

Richmond said “leaders are rallying around this president and vice president because they understand what’s at stake, and they understand what they have accomplished.”