Jordan Peterson to Publicly Broadcast Mandated Social Media Training Sessions

In a recent interview with Fox News host Jesse Watters, Canadian psychologist Dr. Jordan B.

Peterson announced plans to publicly showcase the social media training sessions he’s been ordered to undertake.

This directive from the College of Psychologists of Ontario is a result of Peterson’s public comments, which have criticized transgender ideology, climate change perspectives, and the Canadian government, according to a report from The Daily Wire.

Dr. Peterson emphasized his dedication to transparency throughout the legal ordeal, remarking, “I’m going to do everything I can to make all of this as public as I possibly can.”

He went on to note that he has consistently been open about the charges against him: “I released all the documents that included the charges, so to speak, that the college has levied against me. I want to make this 100% transparent and let the public decide for themselves who exactly is acting, let’s say, in an unprofessional capacity.”

The psychologist’s decision to broadcast the training comes after the Ontario Superior Court of Justice upheld the College’s authority to require him to undergo this “specified continuing education or remedial program.”

Dr. Peterson’s public remarks have ignited much debate.

The College of Psychologists cites various instances, which include his retweet of Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre’s criticism of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his comments about a former Trudeau aide, and his dissent against the Ottawa police’s handling of Trucker Convoy protesters’ children.

Outside of government critique, Dr. Peterson has also been noted for his opinions on radical gender theories as indicative of “civilizations collapsing,” skepticism about climate change models, and his disapproval of Sports Illustrated’s choice to feature a plus-sized swimsuit model on their cover.

In the Fox News interview, Dr. Peterson clarified his stance, particularly about the transgender movement and its influence on the youth, Daily Wire emphasized.

He declared, “I’m perfectly willing to state that I am stating my opinions on Twitter and social media in my professional capacity.”

Furthermore, he voiced his concerns about certain celebrities’ influence on young individuals, stating, “I’m not the least bit happy about what the sadistic surgeon butchers are doing to minors, and I’m also not very happy about narcissistic, let’s say, celebrities parading off their new, surgically enhanced body and enticing young women, for example, into becoming sterilized and butchered, so I think I have a professional obligation like all therapists and all physicians to say very clearly that this is 100% absolutely not acceptable.”

Notably, the College’s censure of Peterson is not linked to any professional misconduct with his patients but is based on his public comments, including those made on social media platforms and podcast appearances.