Joint Special Operations Command Personnel Encouraged to Attend Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference

Personnel for Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), a secretive component of the United States military’s Special Operations Command, are being encouraged to attend virtual conferences on diversity, equity, and inclusion, among other topics considered beneficial for their “professional development,” according to two sources.

Emails obtained by Breitbart News and sent out from JSOC’s Civilian Training Office to JSOC personnel — both civilian and military — in April and May encouraged them to attend the virtual conferences, which would also be broadcast at their compound at Fort Bragg.

One email sent on May 20, 2021, reminded JSOC personnel that they had access to the conferences “at no cost (normally $500 a session per person).”

The email highlighted the three next upcoming conferences, which would be broadcast in a classroom for JSOC personnel — one on “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”; another on “Change & Transformation”; and another on “Emotional Well-Being.”

The conference on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, which started on Monday, included panels on:

— Inclusive Leadership for Building Equitable Organizations (featuring professional actors portraying workplace scenarios to “illustrate the responsibility of leaders to mitigate bias and address systemic disparities);

— Psychological Safety & Belonging (the description said: “where people feel free to express who they are, what they believe, and how they feel…”);

— Restorative Justice, Community Trauma, and The Partisan Divide (the description said: “The violent storming of the Capitol on January 6th was just the latest and most extreme example of the division that exists…”);

— Racism, White Supremacy and Anti-Racism (the description said: “Racism is not a new thing but it seems as if recently [it] has gone mainstream. From Meghan Markle on Oprah to the murder of Asian women in Atlanta…”).

The conference on Emotional Well-Being includes an event titled: “Black Emotional Lives Matter: Embedding Diversity and Inclusion in Your Approach to Employee Well-Being.” The description said, “You will hear about issues such as”:

• The impact of secondary trauma and the impact of events such as the murder of George Floyd
• The emotional tax paid by Black employees as they navigate the biases of a white-centric society and have to adapt to fit in with white-dominated work cultures
• The psychic pain caused by microaggressions
• The emotional toll of exclusion

An earlier email sent April 13, 2021, by JSOC’s Civilian Training Office said:

Participating in professional development courses will expose you to new ideas and perspectives, perhaps some you hadn’t thought of before. A wealth of new knowledge can come from actively participating in professional development courses.

It added: “Add these opportunities to your [Individual Development Plan] and invest time in yourself. These opportunities will help you grow professionally over time and do count towards your continuous learning credit hours.”

The email included another forwarded email from the Pentagon’s Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service (DCPAS) that said, “DOD employees are being afforded an opportunity to attend an array of FREE virtual conferences sponsored by The Conference Board.”

The Conference Board is a global non-profit “business membership and research group organization” described as “a think tank that delivers trusted insights dealing with subjects impacting business and society.” “These insights,” the email said, “are for all grade levels and ranks.”

The DCPAS email added: “We encourage your participation in the attached virtual conferences.”

One source familiar with the emails told Breitbart News that special operations forces are “disappointed that this Marxist crap is impacting the command.”