Johnson & Johnson Officials Reveal Motives, Dangers Behind Company’s COVID Vaccine Push

Two Johnson & Johnson officials made surprising disclosures about their company’s COVID shots and their worries about the vaccine’s long-term effects on children.

The most recent Project Veritas exposé has one of their journalists questioning both officials individually about their company’s vaccine.

The company’s scientist was clear on one point. That is, to refrain from taking their vaccine.

Despite these reservations, the scientist seems to accept his company’s role in promoting policies that will “inconvenience” the unvaccinated into becoming “second-grade citizens.” The things he stated indicated that it was just a job assigned to them.

“Inconvenience them to the point where it’s life, it’s the holiday — no, not the holiday –but like I might as well just…do it, you know what I’m saying? Like I can’t go out of state…. unless you’re vaccinated.”

“You’ve just got to keep doing things like that to –where it’s almost like you’re almost like a second-grade citizen, if you’re not vaccinated — I know that’s awful…like you can’t do anything that a normal citizen can do.”

He continued by stating that there would be distinct types of people. Those who have been vaccinated are considered first-class citizens, whereas those who have not been vaccinated are considered second-class citizens.

When asked how individuals who disobey the vaccine mandate would be “punished,” the scientist said that losing their jobs is enough punishment.

“The only way people really act,” he said, is “if it hurts their pockets.”

Concerning the J&J vaccine’s safety, the scientist said that children, particularly those who have not yet begun attending school, should not be vaccinated. He did, however, say that children as young as preschool age may be vaccinated.

When asked why there is still a strong push to vaccinate children who are not yet in school, he said that he believes it is for “numbers.”

Another J&J official from the business unit reaffirmed the scientist’s statement about not administering the vaccine to children. He said that due to their youth, which allows for growth and development, these children have a higher chance of recovering from viral infection.

The official goes on to express his point of view, stating that the root of the issue is a lack of transparency inside the pharmaceutical company, which stems from both political and financial concerns.

“Politics, money –a lot of people trying to make the right decision but being stuck in their position of–am I being influenced by somebody to go one side of the other,” he said.

He also stated that throughout the years that he has worked there, the majority of the employees have just kept their mouths shut if anything terrible happens.

The journalist then voiced skepticism about the information being disseminated by the media to the public concerning vaccines. In response, the official said,

“In no capacity should we ever trust anything that they (media) say.”

While these men’s admissions are shocking, it’s not surprising to hear employees of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies refuse the products they manufacture.

In fact, J&J knew for years that its baby powder contained asbestos, which caused cancer. Still, the company attempted to deny this in court.

Watch Project Veritas’ exposé below: