John Kerry Caught Violating Mask Rules Yet Again

Photos show White House climate envoy going through airport security scanner unmasked.

Photographs obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show White House climate envoy John Kerry violating federal mask rules yet again by walking through Boston Logan International Airport without wearing a face covering.

“In photos, Kerry can be seen walking through an airport body scanner without wearing a mask. The source who provided the photos said they were taken at 11:41 a.m. on Monday at Logan Airport,” reports the news outlet.

Masks are required “any time someone is inside the airport or on an aircraft,” according to TSA rules, a spokeswoman for Logan Airport clarified.

Exemptions are only allowed for people with health issues or children under the age of two. First-time violators face a $250 fine, with repeat offenders facing a $1,500 fine.

Kerry himself is a repeat offender, having been photographed without wearing his mask almost immediately after boarding a first class flight from Boston to DC.

The former presidential candidate attempted to dismiss the first controversy by labeling it “malarkey.”

“Let’s be clear: If I dropped my mask to one ear on a flight, it was momentary,” Kerry tweeted on March 17. “I wear my mask because it saves lives and stops the spread. It’s what the science tells us to do.”

However, the second set of pictures clearly show Kerry unmasked even as he goes through a security scanner.

Numerous public officials have brazenly violated COVID-19 rules that they imposed on everyone else.

Joe Biden violated his own executive order on the day it was signed when his family took part in a photo-op on federal property after removing their masks.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s rampant hypocrisy was exposed when he was caught on camera unmasked eating indoors at a Michelin star restaurant with a group of 12 people while telling Californians they could only celebrate Thanksgiving outside.

When Nancy Pelosi visited a hair salon in San Francisco, breaking rules that only allow service outdoors, she also removed her mask.