Joe Rogan Support From Black Rifle Coffee Doubles in Wake of Neil Young Controversy

Veteran-owned Black Rifle Coffee doubles down on support for podcaster Joe Rogan over controversy about his interviews on coronavirus and treatment.

  • The Black Rifle Coffee Company has reaffirmed their support for podcaster Joe Rogan amid controversy about his coronavirus expert interviews.
  • Black Rifle Coffee’s CEO told journalists that Rogan is not just an ad partner, but a friend as well, according to The Washington Examiner.
  • To bolster his partnership with Rogan the company has doubled its already six-figure Black Rifle advertising budget for Rogan’s show.
  • The company also promotes its connection with Rogan on its website which features artwork of Rogan drinking their particular brew.
  • “The founders of BRCC love Joe and the show,” Hafer said, following the controversy prompted by musician Neil Young’s demand of Spotify.
  • “Joe is a good friend and not just an ad partner,” said Iraq-Afghanistan veteran Evan Hafer, the coffee maker’s founder and chief executive
  • “I learned something a long time ago in my previous profession and this business. Teammates and friends don’t duck and cover when the fire, or in this case social media pressure, picks up. You go shoulder to shoulder into the mix, and you sort it together,” he said when asked if he would abandon Rogan.
  • Rogan made headlines when singer Niel Young told platform Spotify that they should either remove Rogan or remove his music from the platform, due to what he considered to be misinformation on Rogan’s show, as was reported by CBS.
  • Spotify responded to widespread controversy about Rogan’s COVID interviews by announcing it would be adding a warning to content regarding coronavirus, according to Forbes.
  • Other musicians, including Rosanne Arquette and India Arie, are asking Spotify to remove their music from the platform.