Joe Biden Nominates a Communist to Regulate US Banks

Joe Biden has had quite the run of insane nominees since taking office, from David Chipman, the rabid anti-gun conspiracy theorist who wasn’t confirmed, to Tracey Stone-Manning, the former eco-terrorist who was. But the president’s latest choice may take the cake.

Saule Omarova, a professor from Cornell Law, has been put forward to be the Treasury Department’s Comptroller of Currency, which is essentially a position that regulates US banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions. Her being an academic that’s never run a business or actually had to operate within the normal economy would be disqualifying enough. But it’s even worse than that.

Omaraova is a Soviet-raised communist. This, per The New York Post.

President Biden’s controversial pick to be the Treasury Department’s comptroller of the currency is a USSR-born and educated professor who has praised the former Soviet Union’s lack of a gender pay gap while recently advocating for ending banking “as we know it” by moving Americans’ finances from private banks to the Federal Reserve…

…In 2019, she posted to Twitter in support of the “old USSR” where there was “no gender pay gap.” She attempted to do damage control after being criticized for it, but failed to fully condemn the Soviet Union.

“I never claimed women and men were treated absolutely equally in every facet of Soviet life. But people’s salaries were set (by the state) in a gender-blind manner. And all women got very generous maternity benefits. Both things are still a pipe dream in our society!” she wrote.

To be fair, praising the USSR may be disgusting, ignorant, and ahistorical, but that doesn’t necessarily make Omarova a communist. Rather, what makes her communist is that she’s written in support of federalizing the banking system, making the government the sole lender in the country. That would hand America’s most all-encompassing industry, which already has enormous control over the nation’s economy (and by virtue, its people), to the tender mercies of the federal executive branch — as if enough power wasn’t already gathered there. If that’s not communism, what is?

How would you like for the government to own your house? Your car? Literally, everything you ever buy on credit? These kinds of setups are always about control. No one should ever hand the government that kind of leverage over their lives. It’s bad enough the big banks have so much power, but at least they are limited in what they can do as private entities. The federal government has repeatedly shown it has no limits. Imagine a future where the president could force you to do something via executive order or cancel your mortgage. It’s insane to even think about giving a centralized government that much power.

Of course, Omarova’s praising of the Soviet Union, including the regulation of wages by the state (again, more communism), also speaks to her sympathies. Her political and financial ideology is communist, but she also seems to have no qualms about the human rights abuses of her home country, forgoing to mention them as she pretends Marx had it right. Anyone that would laud the USSR, especially over something like the “gender pay gap,” is not only foolish but should probably be given a mental health check.

This woman has to be stopped, and I’m hoping this is another instance where Joe Manchin steps in and says it’s not going to happen. Truly, as frustrating as that guy can be at times, he’s all that’s standing in the way of the country as we know it and a far-left, communist utopia.