Joe Biden Delivers Speech With His Back Facing Wounded Warriors Crowd, First Lady Turns Him Around

President Joe Biden thanked a group of wounded warriors at the White House earlier this week with his back to them for his entire speech until First Lady Jill Biden turned him around.

The mishap occurred on Wednesday as Jill Biden launched the Wounded Warrior Project’s annual Soldier Ride from the White House lawn.

The president reportedly walked to the opposite side of the stage from the veterans, keeping his back to them, and said that they are the “spine of America.”

“You are the spine of America,” Biden said to the crowd. “That’s not an exaggeration. I really mean it. You’re the backbone. You’re the spine. You’re the reason we are the nation we are. You’re the best America has to offer. God love you all.”

Jill Biden later turned him around and directed him toward the people he was supposed to be speaking to.