Jewish Students Sue Harvard Over Antisemitism

A group of Jewish students filed a lawsuit against Harvard University Wednesday, alleging that the school is violating Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by failing to protect Jewish students amid antisemitism concerns on campus.

“Based on its track record, it is inconceivable that Harvard would allow any group other than Jews to be targeted for similar abuse or that it would permit, without response, students and professors to call for the annihilation of any country other than Israel,” the complaint states.

The lawsuit accuses Harvard of failing to enforce anti-harassment policies, hiring antisemitic professors, and ignoring Jewish students’ requests for help.

“In fact, Harvard has been aware of its antisemitism problem for years, but its response has been, to say the least, clearly unreasonable and totally unacceptable in not just tolerating, but enabling antisemitism,” the complaint continues.

The plaintiffs in the case are also requesting the court to order the university to discipline administrators, faculty and students who engage in or permit antisemitism on campus.