Jeff Bezos Just Endorsed Corporate Tax Hikes. Here’s Why Amazon’s Support Should Be a Giant Red Flag

When Big Business comes together to collude with Big Government, it usually means everyday people are about to get ripped off.

The Biden administration and some (but not all) of their Democratic allies in Congress want to raise the corporate tax rate to 28 percent. They say this would help the working class and hurt Big Business, finally making corporations “pay their fair share.” But if that were true, giant corporations like Amazon wouldn’t be endorsing the change. 

Yet that’s exactly what Jeff Bezos just did. 

“We support the Biden Administration’s focus on making bold investments in American infrastructure,” the Amazon CEO wrote in a public statement. “We recognize this investment will require concessions from all sides—both on the specifics of what’s included as well as how it gets paid for… we’re supportive of a rise in the corporate tax rate.” (Emphasis mine).