Jan. 6 Footage Reveals The ‘Insurrection’ Narrative Is A Lie And Trump Supporters Were Actually Peaceful

Videos on the January 6 U.S. Capitol riot reportedly reveal the “insurrection” narrative is nothing but a lie and former President Donald Trump’s supporters were quite peaceful, contrary to what has been said about them.

NOQ Report said footages of the U.S. Capitol riot were finally publicly released and that it proved that the “insurrection” narrative of the Department of Justice was a fallacy.

“The Justice Department has vehemently opposed the release of videos shot from the Capitol Building surveillance cameras on January 6. They claimed before the court that releasing the videos posed a “national security risk.” But US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell wasn’t buying it, and now we know why,” NOQ Report said.

“These videos do not represent a risk to national security. They represent the absolute destruction of the narrative pushed by Democrats and the Justice Department for months that the events at the Capitol Building on January 6 constituted ‘insurrection’ and a ‘coup’ attempt,” the media outlet added.

“What we see in the video below is people strolling in and out peacefully as law enforcement officers mingled with them,” they stressed.

The footage NOQ Report was referring to is the video posted by Human Events Senior Editor Jack Posobiec posted in his Twitter account on Thursday. The video showed hoards of people carrying the American flag and other paraphernalia including signages in support of Trump entering peacefully and easily into the lobby of the U.S. Capitol.

Prosecutors didn’t want this Jan 6 footage to come out. Now it was 1.5 million views. Why is that? pic.twitter.com/n0MQICC0HL

— Jack Posobiec