Jan 6 Defendant Claims Authorities Protecting Ray Epps

Ryan Samsel, key figure in the mystery behind Ray Epps, came forward to tell American Greatness that “[Prosecutors] are protecting [Epps] like crazy.”

In footage from January 6, 2021, Samsel was approached by Epps, who allegedly told Samsel to “be peaceful” with the police.

“OK, you know, that’s not why we’re here,” Epps told the January 6 committee about his interaction with Samsel. “You’ve got to be peaceful, [I] pulled him back and told him, it’s not what we’re about.”

Originally, Samsel told the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that Epps told him, “Relax, the cops are doing their job,” although he now claims Epps said, “Don’t pull. I’ve got people. We have to push through.”

Samsel is currently being held at Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn and claims to have been relocated to 16 different prisons.

Reporting from American Greatness:

Considering his record and public silence on the matter for the past few years, Samsel’s new claims about what Epps said to him warrant some skepticism. But a closer look at the court docket shows how the Justice Department is intentionally delaying Samsel’s trial, presumably to prevent the public from learning more about Epps’ involvement at that crucial juncture and his movements before, on, and after January 6. “[Prosecutors] are protecting him like crazy,” Samsel said of Epps.

Samsel’s case file seems to support that view. Prosecutors did not indict Samsel until seven months after his arrest, a violation of federal law, which requires the government to file charges within 30 days of an arrest. Samsel said during that time the government tried to coerce him into saying Epps did not instigate any misconduct and that Joseph Biggs, a Proud Boys leader recently convicted of seditious conspiracy, was carrying a gun. (He was not.)