James O’Keefe Shares Project Veritas’ $1M Lawsuit Against CNN

James O’Keefe—founder of Project Veritas—shared his organization’s lawsuit against CNN with his Telegram followers on Monday.

O’Keefe announced that the lawsuit was filed against CNN “for making false and defamatory statements with regard to Project Veritas Twitter account ban,” adding that Project Veritas “intends to prove @AnaCabrera committed malice with her reporting.”

Ana Cabrera is the CNN journalist who falsely stated on-air that Project Veritas was deplatformed by Twitter for spreading “misinformation,” according to O’Keefe.

The lawsuit’s summary alleges that CNN and Defendant Ana Cabrera “knowingly” made “false and defamatory” claims about Project Veritas:

This action arises from Defendant CNN’s knowingly false and defamatory claim that Twitter suspended Plaintiff Project Veritas due to “spreading misinformation,” made during a broadcast by Defendant Ana Cabrera in the course of her work as a CNN employee, reads the document.

The lawsuit also claims that CNN “directly damaged and impugned” Project Veritas’ reputation as an investigative journalism organization:

Project Veritas is an investigative journalism organization whose reputation depends on its ethical and transparent conduct, and its production of reliable and accurate news reporting. By claiming Project Veritas was “spreading misinformation,” CNN directly damaged and impugned Project Veritas’s reputation.

Project Veritas is asking CNN to pay “no less than $1,000,000” in punitive and exemplary damages, and for a permanent injunction enjoining CNN and its employees “from further disseminating the false, misleading, and defamatory representations of fact concerning Project Veritas.”

You can download the entire lawsuit here: