J.K. Rowling Responds to Reporter: ‘Real Fascists Have Spotted a Glorious Opportunity in Trans Activism’

Author J.K. Rowling responded to British journalist Patrick Strudwick after he allegedly ran a false story about a “Let Women Speak” rally featuring anti-trans activist Kellie-Jay Keen.

Neo-Nazis reportedly appeared at the event and saluted.

She tweeted, “Nobody but useful idiots can be genuinely surprised that REAL fascists have spotted a glorious opportunity in trans activism. The homophobic, anti-feminist far-right has long held that the left is degenerate, foolish, immoral and authoritarian, and now they can point to the incoherent arguments of the gender ideologues, the bullying tactics of the no-platformers and the swarms of masked men threatening violence against women for wanting to retain single-sex spaces, and crow ‘we told you so’.”

“Actual Nazis have turned up on the fringes of Let Women Speak events for exactly the same reason aggressive, narcissistic trans activists are there,” the tweet continued. “These groups closely resemble each other. Both are rife with misogynistic opportunists who’re using a clash of rights to push their own agendas, both are there in the hope of violence, and neither gives a damn about the women who’re there to speak out in their own voices, about their own lives, on their own behalf. It’s high time those peddling lies like Strudwick’s are held accountable and I sincerely hope @ThePosieParker takes action.”

Reporting from RedState:

Rowling has courageously taken a hard stand, given her profession, against transgenderism in recent years.


Rowling not only says what she thinks; she’s also not afraid to return fire, even when she’s not the target.