Israeli Forces Hunt Down Hamas with Robots, Attack Dogs in Tunnels Under Al-Shifa Hospital to Rescue Hostages

The Israeli Army has begun using drones, combat robots and attack dogs in an effort to rescue hostages held by Hamas in underground tunnels.

Specialist units are reportedly employing modern technology and using skills to save those in the tunnels, built since 2005 in what’s known as the “Gaza Metro.”

“Israel’s military has deployed a complex array of technologies to probe and attempt to destroy the underground complexes, and eventually the Hamas leadership, including around Al Shifa hospital,” Bloomberg reported.

“From the air, surveillance drones seek to detect the hidden structures, while warplanes are equipped with bunker-buster bombs designed to penetrate hardened structures to reach deep below the ground. On the ground, bulldozers clear areas suspected to be above the subterranean network while attack dogs, unmanned vehicles and robots are used to help explore the underground terrain,” the outlet continued.

IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari said the main objectives of the forces as it operates at Shifa Hospital are gathering information on the hostages, locating weapons and command and control rooms, finding terrorists in the hospital complex, and making a significant effort to uncover the underground area underneath the hospital and to destroy it. 

“Even at this hour, special forces are operating in the shaft that we discovered last night at the Shifa hospital. We will distribute the visual documentation from there, in the near future,” Hagari said.

From The Gateway Pundit:

The IDF debunked claims by pro-Hamas media that Israel had ordered the evacuation of Shifa hospital, saying the evacuation came at the request of hospital officials: “This morning, we responded to the request of the Shifa Hospital management and opened a secure passage south for civilians in the hospital. We also brought in food and water into the hospital complex,” IDF Spokesperson Daniel Hagari said.


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