Israel Will Respond Strongly to Any Further Rocket Attacks From Gaza, Netanyahu Warns

On Thursday, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the Security Cabinet had voted unanimously to approve a ceasefire between Tel Aviv and Hamas.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to strongly respond to any further possible rocket attacks from the Palestinain militant group Hamas

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Netanyahu pointed out that “not everything is known to the public yet, nor to Hamas” and that “the full range of [the Israeli military’s] achievements will be revealed over time”.

“I can say that we did bold and new things – if it was necessary to do a ground invasion, we would have done it, but I thought we could achieve the goal in safer ways”, Netanyahu said.

The Israeli prime minister argued that “eleven days of powerful strikes against the radicals in the Gaza Strip changed the balance of power and the rules of the game”. 

He added that the Jewish state “has destroyed kilometres of Hamas tunnels, bunkers, and command posts [in Gaza]” and that “terrorists have nowhere else to hide”. Israel, along with a spate of other countries, including the US, views Hamas as a terrorist organisation.