Is COVID-19 Over In Romania? What Americans Should Learn From The Eastern European Country

We will talk about Romania, its coronavirus statistics, and what we have to learn from the Romanians. Romania Worldmeter Chart shared that covid-19 cases and deaths have flatlined since May, and maybe you will think that there’s no corona in Romania!

Well, there is, and it isn’t over, the virus is still present, but the numbers have been drastically lowered.

If we follow the MSM narrative, we should believe that the vaccines caused this situation. Well, no. Only 26% of Romanians are fully vaccinated. It takes the second least vaccinated country out of 33.

The narration is getting even better. Because they were firm in their decision not to take the vaccine, the government shut down the vaccination centers and now sells the vaccines. covered this story:

The last of the four vaccination centers opened here in Brașov has also been closed, announces Bună Ziua Brașov . The people of Brasov also have at their disposal for the anti-COVID vaccination the family doctors’ offices and the vaccination points from the Military Hospital and from several private clinics.

Brasov City Hall announced on Monday, August 16, that the last center, the one for the Home for the Elderly, was closed on August 15. Also, the vaccination point in Piata Sfatului, which operated only on weekends, ceased its activity. In total, 310 people – nurses, doctors, registrars – worked at the four centers opened by the Public Health Directorate and Brasov City Hall.

According to DSP Brasov data, the total number of SARS-COV2 virus vaccine doses administered in Brasov is 201,868. In Brasov County, there are 320,390 doses administered.

The inhabitants of Brasov can also be vaccinated at 53 family doctors, at several private clinics and at the “Regina Maria” Military Emergency Hospital.

The Irish Times reported:

Romania has halted the import of most Covid-19 vaccines after a slowdown in its inoculation drive prompted the government to sell more than a million doses to Denmark and seek an extension to the validity of tens of thousands of expired shots.

Many states in central and eastern Europe have similar concerns over falling inoculation rates, which could leave large sections of the population vulnerable to the highly contagious Delta variant of Covid-19 and future strains of the virus.

About 24 per cent of Romania’s 19 million residents have been fully inoculated, but the rollout has faltered in the provinces of the largely rural country due to poor infrastructure, wariness of the state and the spread of conspiracy theories through communities where health education is often poor.

At the same time, a slowing infection rate has weakened the impetus for some in Romania to get vaccinated: only 31 new cases of Covid-19 and five deaths were reported on Thursday, adding to a national total of 1.08 million infections and 33,786 fatalities.

Regardless of the multiple COVID-19 variants, Romanians decided to stay firm on their ground and refused to get the vaccine! We have to learn from these people.