Iron Man’s Message to the Unwashed Masses: Let Them Eat Bugs

European farmers, spearheaded by Dutch farmers, have been protesting the EU’s insistence that farms are bad. This isn’t new – Dutch farmers have been doing this, en masse, since 2019. They are now “ungovernable“. The Dutch government announced that half of the cow farms will be closed. Dutch farmers took to the streets. The artificial meat distribution center (funded by Bill Gates) was set on fire.

Government goons have told European farmers that they must cut back on ammonia, nitrogen oxides, and nitrous oxide to save the planet (or at least save Europe’s nature reserves). Farmers have fought back as best they can. The government has guns – the farmers don’t. One farmer was fired on by police. Europe’s response to the protests? Tough — eat bugs.

Here in the states, Bill Gates and his commie chums in China are buying up farmland. Gates’ stated reason is to save the planet with non-animal protein and, bugs. China just wants to take the planet. In any event, both Gates and China would love for commoners like you and me to do one thing – eat bugs. Eat lots of bugs. In fact, just eat bugs. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, where our betters gathered to lay out a plan for a new world order, they told us that cow meat and dairy products “caused the climate crisis.” I thought it was SUVs? Anyway, Bill Gates and George Soros have told us that eating insects instead of meat is the only solution to save mama earth. Many want Gates in front of Congress to answer the basic question: Why are you buying up so much land?

Now it seems, the Avengers have a new Marvel movie in the works “End Game II, The Age of Cockroaches.” Iron Man joins the likes of Captain America (Chris Evans) and Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) in pushing their loony crusade to save Gaia. Iron Man is saving it, one jar of powdered bugs at a time. He wants you commoners to eat powdered mealworms as a food staple. Robert Downey Jr. appeared on the Late Show where he presented his best case for eating bugs.

Remember when you looked on the side of a peanut butter jar for ingredients? Ok, maybe you didn’t but I did. The FDA allows 40 insect fragments per 100 grams. Those are fragments, not whole, ground-up bugs. Now they want us eating the whole damn thing — legs and eggs and head. Iron Man presented his case for eating French mealworms. The EU has declared mealworms “safe to eat.” That’s reassuring. What Iron and the EU haven’t mentioned is that the NIH offered the following:

“Parasites were detected in 244 (81.33%) out of 300 (100%) examined insect farms. In 206 (68.67%) of the cases, the identified parasites were pathogenic for insects only; in 106 (35.33%) cases, parasites were potentially parasitic for animals; and in 91 (30.33%) cases, parasites were potentially pathogenic for humans. Edible insects are an underestimated reservoir of human and animal parasites. Our research indicates the important role of these insects in the epidemiology of parasites pathogenic to vertebrates. Conducted parasitological examination suggests that edible insects may be the most important parasite vector for domestic insectivorous animals. According to our studies the future research should focus on the need for constant monitoring of studied insect farms for pathogens, thus increasing food and feed safety.”

Bugs might be edible — but so are bats, rats, and groundhogs. I’m not eating those either. What’s clear from the protests in Europe and the push in the states to cut back on beef and dairy, is that the Klaus Schwabs of the new world order want the unwashed masses eating bugs. And you best like them too. Maybe our betters will make meat-based pills of the masses. Cannibalism anyone? Soylent Green?

Bill Gates and Iron Man can eat their mealworms, chocolate-covered cockroaches, and strawberry-dipped locusts — I’ll have my steak medium rare, thank you.