Instagram Influencers the LaBrant Family’s Pro-life Video Removed as Fans Attack Their Stance

The internet-famous couple has received a huge backlash for their abortion documentary.

  • The LaBrant Family’s pro-life Abortion. (documentary) was removed from Instagram, according to The Daily Wire
  • The video shows the pair looking to find the truth about abortion by interviewing doctors and talking about how abortions are performed.
  • The couple also conducts interviews with those who have experienced abortion firsthand.
  • In their video, they also draw special attention to the non-profit Embrace Grace, which aids women in crisis pregnancies.
  • According to Cole LaBrant, Instagram took down their video and YouTube won’t share it any further.
  • “Instagram did take our feed post down. This is ok, fortunately we have talked with our team at YouTube and they’re keeping the documentary up there, which is most important. They did demonetise and take the video out of the algorithm. Which is all ok, we assumed this would happen,” said Cole in an update about the video.”
  • “The biggest thing this does is significantly reduce the video’s reach. The more people the video reaches, the more people who can find help. This makes it where you can really only watch the video if you have a link or go directly to our channel.”
  • “YouTube won’t further share it,” Cole continued. “At this point we’ll leave the message in God’s hands and trust that whoever is supposed to watch it, will watch it. You guys have supported this so much and we’re so thankful. If you feel lead, please share the documentary with people you know.”
  • Husband Cole and wife Savannah together have over 10 million Instagram followers and 13 million YouTube, subscribers.
  • The pair met and married after Savannah already had her oldest daughter, Everly, whom she carried while in her teens.