Insanity: Biden Cooks Up False Claim That Trump Campaigned on Idea That ‘Black Folks Are Taking Your Job’

In a recently published interview that was his first as president of the United States, Joe Biden falsely claimed that his predecessor campaigned on the rhetoric that black people were taking jobs away from other Americans.

This is hilarious, as it happens, because President Donald Trump campaigned on and heavily promoted, worked toward and touted his success at getting black people lots and lots of jobs.

Seriously, the dude loved talking about both how he was going to make sure black people had jobs and how he actually did it, with the enthusiastic support of his small but incredibly vocal African-American base, which surged during his presidency.

Seriously, his support among black voters was booming to historic heights for a Republican candidate.

In an emotive piece on his interview with Biden, which was given right after the 46th president was sworn into office in January, Edward-Isaac Dovere of The Atlantic waxed philosophical about our then-brand-new president’s journey to the White House and his “battle for the soul of America.”

Biden enlightened Dovere regarding just how brilliant he had been to frame his campaign in this way, despite all the nay-saying from the media.

“Everybody in the press thought that the party had moved, that I was from another era, that it wasn’t relevant. ‘What the hell are you talking about, “the soul of America”? For Christ’s sake, Joe, talk about global warming,’ or whatever the hell they wanted me to talk about,” the president articulately explained to his interviewer.

But you see, he continued, he had an Orange Man to vanquish. Biden explained that “what I saw with Trump was he didn’t understand anything about who we are as a people.”

So the dude who loved America, constantly pointed back to our Founding Fathers and the value of patriotism, and actually can remember on the spot how the Declaration of Independence goes (which Biden cannot) was the one who doesn’t understand who Americans are as a people?

Right. Whatever you say, big guy, you’re the boss now, right?

Anyway, Biden rambled on about Trump’s “transparent selfishness, his willingness to say anything, his overwhelming appeal to prejudice and division. He didn’t have any social redeeming value, as far as I can see.”

There it is yet again — a Democrat calling a Republican irredeemable. Good move, Joe “Unity” Biden. In another borrowed line used by so many on the left, Biden claimed he simply couldn’t believe that Trump actually managed to get people to vote for him.

“I underestimated his ability to take the big lie and turn it into something that was salable,” he said.

Speaking of big lies, Biden went on to tell a massive one when attempting to explain why Trump hoodwinked so many Americans into joining and supporting his movement.