In Defense of CRT, College Professor Declares ‘Whiteness Is a Disease’

University of North Carolina’s Chuck Egerton says that “racism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness.”

  • During a panel discussion, the UNC lecturer argues that because “there is no superiority of people with lighter skin,” then whiteness is “a disease because it’s an attack on the truth.”
  • His position rests upon the assumption that whiteness is not just a skin color but also a “social construct” that inherently places lighter-skinned individuals over dark-skinned ones.
  • “[R]acism is a symptom of the disease of whiteness, really,” he says, thereby implying that only people who qualify as white can be racist. “And that’s just saying where it starts and where it leads to.”
  • Egerton claims that attacks on Critical Race Theory (CRT) spring from whiteness and white supremacy. He makes this argument despite the fact that, all across the country, countless parents of color oppose teaching CRT to children.
  • CRT critics allege that the theory teaches white children that they are innately racist and that it traps children of color in cycles of victimization.
  • Watch the full panel discussion below.