Illinois Dem. Governor Criticizes Chicago Police Department for Hosting Governor DeSantis at Event

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was invited to speak to the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police next week on Monday. The Florida governor will describe what sane police policies play out in his state and he will not lecture the police officers on how they are a dangerous menace to society.

DeSantis’s visit to Chicago, a city in major decline under Mayor Lori Lightfoot, is causing quite the stir.

Mayor Lightfoot called Governor DeSantis a “bigoted, racist demagogue.”

Illinois Democrat Governor Pritzker went even further. Pritzker called on “every candidate hoping to hold public office in the land of Lincoln” to denounce Monday’s event.

And Pritzker tweeted out, “Ron DeSantis’s dangerous and hateful agenda has no place in Illinois.

Banning books, playing politics with people’s lives, and censoring history are antithetical to who we are.

Every candidate hoping to hold public office in the land of Lincoln should condemn this event.”

Pritzker accused DeSantis of banning books. In 2022 Governor DeSantis banned comic porn books in elementary school libraries.

Evidently, Pritzker supports this.

Democrats have lost themselves. They are promoting sexual filth in classrooms. Thank God, Ron DeSantis is in Chicago this week to spread a little bit of sanity.