Illegal Migrants Receive ‘Pallets’ of Baby Formula that American Mothers Can’t Find Amid U.S. Shortage: Rep. Cammack

“This is what ‘America Last’ looks like,” says Cammack.

  • Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) posted a video to social media explaining that while Americans face a worsening baby formula shortage, “pallets” of the formula are being sent to the U.S. Southern Border.
  • In a Facebook video, Cammack detailed how a 30-year border patrol agent told her he brought in a “shipment” of the baby food. As a grandfather, the agent emphasized the fact that his “own children can’t get baby formula for his grandkids,” according to Cammack.
  • The agent also “took in pallets, pallets of baby formula” that were meant “for all of the illegals that are crossing into the United States,” Cammack went on to say.
  • The U.S. baby formula shortage is so bad The Associated Press (AP) published an “explainer” on what parents should do if they are having trouble finding the baby food. AP even reccomends mothers “call a local food bank to see if they can help locate some options.”
  • Millions of babies in the U.S. rely on formula, the only source of nutrition recommended for infants who aren’t breastfeeding.

“I don’t know about you, but if I am a mother, anywhere anytime in America, and I go to my local Walmart or Target or Publix or Safeway or Kroger or wherever it may be that you shop and you are seeing their shelves and you are seeing signs that you are not able to get baby formula,” Rep. Cammack argued. “And then you see the American government sending by the pallet thousands and thousands of containers of baby formula to the border, that would make my blood boil.”

  • Under the Biden administration, the U.S. is suffering an 11% surge in producer prices and 40-year high inflation at 8.3%. U.S. gas prices also hit an all-time record high on Tuesday, at $4.37 per gallon. Food costs rose 1.5% in April from March. Shipping and warehousing prices climbed 3.6%.
  • Joe Biden on Wednesday warned Democratic donors at a Chicago fundraiser that inflation will “scare the living hell out of everybody.”
  • There have also been outbreaks of fires at food processing facilities across the U.S. in the last six months.
  • Tens of millions of chickens and turkeys have recently been culled, spiking the cost of chicken and eggs across the nation.