Illegal Migrants Explain Why They’re Coming to the US as They Cross Private Land

  • Illegal migrants said they’re coming to the U.S. because of President Joe Biden, natural disasters and violence in their home countries.
  • A landowner where migrants frequently cross on their way to a processing facility said they tell him they’re here because Biden invited them.
  • Some of the migrants said they did not want to leave their countries but had to because of corruption and a lack of opportunity.

RINCON VILLAGE, TEXAS—Illegal migrants are crossing through private land seeking asylum in the U.S. for a number of reasons including Joe Biden’s presidency and factors such as violence and natural disasters devastating their home countries, they said Friday.

Approximately 190 illegal migrants were encountered at an undisclosed location in the Rincon Village near Mission, Texas, on Friday. A man calling himself “Junior” told the Daily Caller News Foundation that he encounters illegal migrants crossing through his private land every day he’s there, which is at least four days out of the week.

“They all say the same thing, Biden nos invitó, Biden invited us,” Junior told the DCNF, he asked that his last name be omitted after the media mobbed him in 2018 with requests to access his land.