Illegal Who Killed Child in Drunk Driving Accident Arrested For Two Additional DUIs

An illegal immigrant who killed a child while driving his BMW under the influence of alcohol and was released from prison after just three years has been arrested again for two separate DUIs in different counties in California.

Karmit Singh, an Indian national and illegal immigrant, was sentenced to six years in prison in August 2020 for vehicular manslaughter for killing an eight-year-old boy in Fresno, California while speeding 100 miles per hour in his brother’s BMW drunk.

According to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Singh was released in January 2022, only about sixteen months after his sentencing.

Police records revealed that in the period after his release, he was caught drunk driving multiple times, but allowed back into the country on bail.

On June 1, 2023, Singh was driving under the influence at 2:00 am and arrested for DUI, according to a police report from the Vasalia Police Department.

“Our family has been beyond devastated since being  made aware that Mr. Singh has not only been arrested once again, but twice, for the same crime that resulted in the death of our son and lifelong injuries for my wife and I,” said Scott Martzen, the father of Maverick Martzen, the young boy who Singh killed.

“We hoped that he would truly change his behavior. We also had hoped, that once he was released from prison, that he would be deported back to his country. To our disappointment neither things have happened. His additional DUIs have felt like salt being added to our wounds,” Martzen continued.

“We pray we can find lawmakers who want to join us in our quest to make harsher laws that will give future victims the justice they deserve. My wife and I will continue to honor Maverick in our daily life and do our best to speak out against soft punishment so others don’t have to experience our same devastation.”

The incident comes after 150 Democrats in the U.S. Congress voted last week against a law that would require illegal immigrants to be deported for drunk driving.