Illegal Immigrants Now Dying At The U.S. Northern Border

The New York Times reported on Friday that eight illegals, including one small child, were found dead in the St. Lawrence River along the northern border of the United States.

“This shows that people are desperate and that Canada and the United States need to do more to review the immigration processes in place,” Abram Benedict, the Grand Chief for the Mohawk Council of Akwesasne, said. “It is sad that people want to find a better life and this is the tragedy that results.”

The news comes a few weeks after after illegal immigration began skyrocketing at the northern border.

By The Daily Wire:

Between October 1, 2022, and February 28 of this year, around 2,000 Mexican migrants illegally crossed the Swanton Sector, a 24,000-square-mile stretch of border between Canada, New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont, The Daily Wire noted. Authorities recorded only 200 such crossings during the same period the previous year.

Meanwhile, the southern border continues to be a gigantic sieve. In fiscal year 2022, border crossings cracked a record 2.7 million, per NBC News. That trend has continued into fiscal year 2023.

Of course, as Benedict said, reform is needed to solve this problem. Unfortunately, though, those policies will never happen under Biden. The sort of “reform” needed to stop this madness is a definitive declaration to the world that if you come here illegally, you will be deported. Talks of amnesty need to be taken off the table — as that only incentivizes more illegal aliens to come in hopes of being granted citizenship. Furthermore, those who do request asylum should be forced to wait in either Canada or Mexico as their asylum cases are heard.