Illegal Immigrants from U.S. Southern Border Crossing into Canada Before Being Caught

Immigrants waiting to enter Canada have come from a number of countries via the United States’ lax border policies.

  • In December of 2021, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police caught 2,811 asylum seekers attempting to cross into Canada, according to The Guardian.
  • Many of the would-be refugees came from their home countries into the United States via the southern border and waited until they could make it to Canada when borders opened again.
  • Those attempting to enter Canada were from many countries, including Mexico, Colombia, India, and Iran.
  • Crossing at non-border junctions means that they were not subject to the “Safe Third Country Agreement,” which would have likely landed them an asylum claim in the United States.
  • In January and February of 2022, border guards for Canada intercepted 2,382 and 2,164, respectively, compared to 888 and 808 in January and February of 2019.
  • “It seems to me the ministry has been caught off guard,” said Montreal lawyer Pierre-Luc Bouchard, who has 70 refugee cases after two years with almost zero new clients. “They are completely confused.”
  • Should the migrants have attempted to enter Canada at a traditional entry point, they would have been subject to the Safe Third Country agreement, which has been set to be contested at Canada’s Supreme Court.
  • Migrant crossings from Mexico reached a 20-year high in the United States last year, which is believed to have accounted for the influx to the north.