Illegal Immigrants Detained in Outdoor Pen Amid Arizona Heat

Illegal immigrants are being held in an outdoor pen while Arizona endures a heatwave, videos show.

Footage from the Ajo, Arizona sector of the southern border shows hundreds of illegal immigrants wedged close together in a caged area while waiting to be processed.

A spokesperson for US Customs and Border Patrol addressed the ongoing heatwave hitting Arizona, saying, “Border Patrol has prioritized the quick transporting of noncitizens encountered in this desert environment, which is particularly dangerous during current weather conditions, to USBP facilities where individuals can receive medical care, food, and water.”

It appears that only adult males are kept outside while women, children, and the vulnerable are inside.

According to Border Patrol, Ajo is “the hottest, most isolated, and dangerous area of the southwest border.”

A spokesperson for Border Patrol stated the Ajo station is “not equipped to hold a large number of migrants due to historic trends in this area.”

Reporting from The Post Millennial:

While former President Donald Trump was lambasted by Democrat lawmakers for "keeping kids in cages" as his administration worked to solve the illegal immigration crisis, there has been no reported outrage from the lawmakers that slammed Trump. This as the border crisis continues to worsen at the hands of Democrat President Biden's open border policies, which have created inhumane conditions for the migrants they claim to be protecting.


Arizona has been hit hard over the past few months. Last week, more than 300 mostly West African immigrants illegally entered the United States through the border wall near Lukeville, Arizona, which Border Patrol described as a daily occurrence,  according to Breitbart News.