Ilhan Omar’s Republican Challenger

Republican congressional candidate Shukri Abdirahman went after her opponent, “Squad” member and Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, in her latest campaign ad.

A Muslim Army veteran, Abdirahman posted the campaign ad to Twitter under the caption, “Ilhan Omar was given a second chance when America took her in — but chose to ridicule the very country that saved her life.”

“Minneapolis just saw one of the most violent years on record,” Abdirahman told Fox, before noting that Omar had previously said that she would make it her life’s mission to make sure the police are defunded.

In the video, Abdirahman describes how she fled Somalia, spent four years living in the Kenyan slums, before moving to Minnesota where she and her family “were welcomed as legal American citizens.” Abdirahman joined the U.S. Military and served for 10 years, where she met her husband and the father of her three children. After losing her husband to post-traumatic stress disorder and suffering domestic abuse, Abdirahman and her children became homeless in Minnesota.

“But my hand is not out. I still believed in the American Dream, resistant to become helplessly dependent on a system I’ve seen vulnerable communities and so many of my brothers and sisters become enslaved to rather than empowered to truly prosper in the Land of the Free,” Abdirahman said.

“Our lives, our pride and dignity can no longer be bought in exchange for votes that only keep the elite in power,” she continued.

She then called out said elites, saying they “disappear” and “abandon us after election season is over.” Images of Omar and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi flash on the screen, but Abdirahman does not name them directly in the video.

She instead described the elite as “the self aggrandized political class who do not represent The People.” Abdirahman closed by saying she is a “survivor, a refugee, a mother, a black Muslim, but above all, I am a Minnesotan and an American.”

Abdirahman previously told Fox News she is running against Omar in order to fund the police, secure the southern border between the U.S. and Mexico and preserve the American dream.