Idaho Passes Bill Criminalizing Assisting Minors Across State Lines for Abortion Without Parental Consent

Idaho’s Republican-controlled legislature has passed a bill that could make it a crime punishable by up to five years in prison for someone to help a minor cross state lines to receive an abortion without their parents’ consent, Reuters reports.

The legislation also permits men who impregnate women, including those who commit rape, as well as other family members, to sue abortion providers.

Initially, the bill excluded cases where the pregnancy was the result of rape, but this language was later removed.

Idaho already has strict abortion laws, but the state is bordered by Washington, Oregon, and Montana, which permit the procedure.

State Representative Barbara Ehardt (R), a sponsor of the bill, explained that the proposed legislation “gives us the tools to go after those who would subvert a parent’s right to be able to make those decisions in conjunction with their child.”

Under the bill, adults who assist minors in obtaining surgical or medication abortions without parental consent could face at least two years in prison if found guilty.

Furthermore, the unborn child’s family members can sue abortion providers for up to $20,000.

Planned Parenthood intends to challenge the bill should it become law.