ICE Arrests El Salvadorian National Linked to MS-13 in Annapolis

This week, federal investigators in Annapolis detained a member of the transnational criminal organization MS-13 who had entered the country illegally three times.

El Salvadorian national Raul Orlando Ramos-Guido was apprehended by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents in Annapolis on July 1. RAMOS-GUIDO is referred to the ICE as a “self-admitted” MS-13 member.

According to federal officials, Ramos-Guido has a lengthy criminal past in Maryland that spans almost 20 years. Ramos-Guido was detained by Hyattsville police in 2006 on suspicion of disorderly behavior following his initial unauthorized entry into the country. Later, in2007, he was taken into custody by Montgomery County police on a motor vehicle theft accusation, and in2009, Calvert County authorities detained him on suspicion of robbery. 

The final date of Ramos-Guido’s deportation was January 17, 2014. Shortly later, the MS-13 gang member entered the country again, and in April 2015, federal immigration agents detained him in Falls Church, Virginia. In February 2018, he was once opposed to being deported, but he quickly went back to the United States.

“Raul Orlando Ramos-Guido has displayed a habit for breaking the law in Maryland,” Enforcement and Removal Operations Baltimore Field Office Director Matthew Elliston stated. “Ramos was convicted of robbery, auto theft and disorderly conduct in addition to unlawfully reentering the United States after having been removed. He posed a significant threat to our Maryland residents, and we cannot allow such threats to remain in our communities.”

When 20-year-old Aberdeen, Maryland resident Kayla Hamilton was reportedly raped and killed by a 17-year-old El Salvadorian illegal immigrant who was a member of MS-13, Marylanders became well-versed in MS-13. A $100 million lawsuit alleging operational negligence was filed against the Biden administration in 2022 after the terrible event.

Recently, a number of Maryland jurisdictions have come under fire for their refusal to assist federal immigration authorities. Following news of an illegal immigrant child sex offender who was freed by Baltimore County authorities in spite of an ongoing immigration detainer order from ICE, the county last month modified its non-cooperation policy.