‘I Was Treated Like an Experiment’: Former Trans Child Taken Advantage of When She ‘Needed Help’

As the progressive left continues to support the gender transitioning of children under the age of consent, more and more victims of childhood transitioning continue to come forward.

These victims — an increasing number of former transgender children, adolescents and teenagers — are coming forward in an attempt to spread awareness about the long-term consequences that come with hormone therapy, puberty blockers and other forms of “gender-affirming care.”

At the forefront of this movement is British activist Keira Bell.

Last year, Bell was a claimant in a judicial review case against the National Health Service’s Tavistock clinic in Britain.

The case claimed that, by immediately giving gender dysphoric youth gender-affirming care (gender transitioning treatments) rather than careful, individualized treatments, Tavistock had been essentially conducting experiments on gender dysphoric children — experiments that precipitated numerous negative, life-changing consequences.

Bell and the other claimants won in a unanimous verdict delivered by three judges which led Tavistock to immediately suspend referrals of puberty blockers and cross-sex hormone therapies for patients under the age of 16, as reported by BBC.

On April 7, in an article published in Persuasion, Bell detailed her experiences dealing with gender dysphoria, the transitioning process and the fallout when she decided to detransition.