Hunter Biden’s Ex-Wife Speaks Out About Life As a Biden

Hunter and his ex-wife have been divorced for five years.

  • Kathleen Buhle, the ex-wife of President Joe Biden’s son Hunter, spoke out about her time as a Biden in a new memoir.
  • Buhle says she feels she finally has “total control” over her life again, according to Newsmax‘s coverage of the new book.
  • The former second-daughter-in-law talked about her ex-husband’s drug addiction, his infidelity (including an affair with his widowed sister-in-law) and what it was like being integrated into the Biden family.
  • Excerpts of If We Break were published by People magazine on Wednesday, outlining Buhle’s pain watching her then-husband spiral into addictions, all while living in denial.
  • Buhle told People that she and Hunter have “come together in our shared love for our daughters,” as they prepare for the wedding of their eldest daughter Naomi’s this November at the White House.
  • “Hunter tried to tell me that he came from a middle-class family. Months later, when I went to his house for the first time, I explained to him: ‘Hunt, a kid from a middle class family does not have a ballroom.'”
  • “He started many ventures . . . a real estate investment fund and then a technology company. I didn’t understand any of it, or what pieces of his businesses actually generated income for us. I worried that we lived above our means, but I did nothing to change it. The way that Hunter and I handled money was that whenever I needed any, I called Hunter. More than once my debit card was declined at a store. I’d have to call Hunter to transfer money into my account. Hunter and I drove nice cars and had a beautiful home, but we were running fast on that hamster wheel and barely staying on.”
  • “Biden was my name. I’d taken it so we could be a family. It was my daughter’s name, after all. In many ways, my last name became a crown and shield to me; it wasn’t easy to consider giving it up. Changing my name had been as frightening as anything I’d ever done before. I was no longer a Biden. I’d handed in my crown and shield because I no longer needed them. Maybe I never had.”
  • Hunter Biden and his first wife were wed in 1993 and by 2001 were living in Delaware with three young daughters while Hunter commuted to Washington as a partner in a lobbying firm.
  • It was 2019, two years after her divorce that Kathleen went to court to change her name to Kathleen Buhle.