Hungary Has Already Repelled Nearly 6,000 Migrants in 2023

Nearly 6,000 migrants have been prevented from illegally entering Hungary in less than three weeks, according to officials.

As the continent struggles with yet another historic migrant invasion, the Central European nation has been fending off hundreds of illegal aliens attempting to penetrate the E.U. via the Balkan Peninsula every day.

The vast majority of illegal migrants are young males, many of whom hail from the Middle East, Africa, and Islamic nations in Asia.

“The trend of intense growth continues: according to data from this morning, more than 5,500 migrants tried to enter Hungary this year alone, and fifty people smugglers were also caught,” Magyar Hirlap reported this week, citing information revealed by György Bakondi, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s chief adviser on internal security.

Bakondi explained that migrants and smugglers are using more sophisticated techniques to force their way into Hungary, often working strategically to overwhelm border guards.

“In all cases, the crossing takes place in groups, and a new phenomenon is the so-called ‘load attack,’ where groups are launched at several points on a border section at the same time, primarily using the ladder method, and they trust that the police forces will ‘move on’ to one of the points, and the others will be able to cross,” Magyar Hirlap reports.

Bakondi says violence at the border is typical now, and organized criminal groups are using force to gain control of regions in Serbia along the Hungarian frontier.

“A large number of refugees arrive on our eastern border every day, and on the southern border we can witness intense growth, a serious organized criminal network has been built that spans the continent,” Bakondi warned.

“The Western Balkan route is the busiest, as 3.6 million Syrians and 400,000 people of other nationalities registered in Turkey are waiting.”

In November, Serbia, Hungary, and Austria announced the formation of a ‘joint border defense force’ aimed at tackling illegal migration in the Western Balkans region.

Bakondi says many new border agents have completed training since last year and fortifications of barriers and defenses are being carried on a rolling basis.

The number of foreign males invading Europe has surged to the highest levels since the 2016 migrant crisis, according to the latest Frontex data.

However, Frontex figures may significantly underplay the ongoing emergency, as Budapest recently announced nearly 270,000 illegal crossings were thwarted at Hungary’s borders alone in 2022, up from around 122,000 in 2021.

Reporting from InfoWars.