Hundreds of Utah Parents File Complaints About ‘Pornographic’ Books in Schools

Since the state of Utah passed a law requiring books depicting pornographic content be banned, 280 complaints were filed across 9 school districts. The number of complaints is expected to grow in the coming weeks as more school districts submit reports of inappropriate material. Of the titles, 122 have not yet been removed; 63 other books now require parental permission to be checked out by students.

From The Salt Lake Tribune:

Sen. John Johnson, R-Ogden, applauded the effort by parents to call out what they see as inappropriate books. He said he has read some of the titles parents have expressed concern about and was “completely shocked” they were available to kids in public schools.

“I read a lot in the press that we’re banning books or we’re burning books,” Johnson said. “But I really feel strongly that we have an obligation to protect the innocence of children.”

All of the book requests for removal were at junior high and high schools, Stallings said. No elementary schools had complaints. And most of the concerns — 83% — came from parents. Another 17% were from school staff or a members of a district’s school board.