Human infrastructure bill gives illegal aliens $300 a month per child

Will incentivize far more immigration.

At a Homeland Security committee hearing today, Senator Romney grilled DHS Secretary Mayorkas about the President’s “human infrastructure bill.” As Romney said, the bill allows illegal aliens to get $300 a month, per child, by obtaining a tax ID number once they’re here. That is just one of many perks one gets for coming illegally. 

Senator Mitt Romney actually said it’s outrageous. He can’t think of a more enticing reason to enter our country illegally – at the expense of American taxpayers.

An illegal alien family of four would get as much as $1200 per month, way above the wages for a family in Latin America.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas responded by saying our immigration system is broken because millions of illegal aliens are in the country.

It’s Democrat policies that are breaking the system. The irony of the accusation is stupefying.

He also tried to say there are only 11 million illegal aliens here and they would be the only ones who get the money.

Illegal aliens get the tax credits now. They pay taxes but get the money back as do 47% of American taxpayers and that makes them eligible for tax credits. Mayorkas is a liar since he undoubtedly knows this. In other words, 47% of the nation’s taxpayers have no skin in the game, and that includes illegal aliens who send our tax dollars home, wherever home is.

Deadbeats, or people who can’t make decent salaries, fuel the dependent class Democrats need to survive. Democrats are deliberately destroying our immigration system, especially our asylum and refugee laws, as part of their overall intent to take down the capitalist USA. They want a socialist-communist government and they are very close to having it. This is Cloward and Piven.

“The Cloward-Piven Strategy”—named for former Columbia University sociologists and Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) leaders Richard Cloward and his wife, Frances Fox Piven—posits that activists can effect radical change by “crashing the system.” Their theory—which echoes their ideological ally and intellectual godfather Saul Alinsky—encourages the orchestration of various crises designed to push society into economic turmoil and panic. Confronted by an escalating crisis, Cloward and Piven believed, the masses could more easily be led to accept explicitly socialist government interventions.

There is little doubt that the massive stream of humanity currently breaching our southern border is swiftly approaching a breaking point. In the wake of Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban, the influx of unvetted refugees from that nation who bring with them the potential threat of Islamic terrorism has only compounded the growing catastrophe. Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has amplified the crisis by weakening and undoing Trump-era reforms that helped to stem the tide of illegal immigration.

Keep in mind that the fraud in these programs is massive. People with children in other countries collect now.

Watch the clip:

Biden has already promised Social Security and Medicare to illegal aliens. It will bankrupt the systems. Their tax plan will bankrupt both systems. Watch: