Huge majority of NYC voters want more cops on the streets

We’re barely two weeks away from the mayoral primary election in New York State and the crowded field of Democrats still hasn’t thinned out significantly. Since this is the Big Apple we’re talking about, the Democratic primary is basically the same as the general election, so the candidates are pulling out all the stops. But as this race has dragged on, one thing has become increasingly clear. Anyone running on a hard-left progressive platform with a focus on “police reform” (the new buzzword for defunding or abolishing the police) is falling by the wayside. That much became evident when a new Ipsos poll dropped this week. Rather than focusing strictly on the candidates, the polling firm asked which issues were of most importance to likely voters and what positions they support. The top issue for a significant majority was “crime or violence,” and when asked whether they wanted to see more or fewer police on the streets, the results weren’t even close. New Yorkers want the NYPD back at full strength and doing its job.