How the Biden Admin’s Raid on Trump’s Home Will Backfire

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As we learn more details behind the FBI raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, the blatant corruption and abuse of power are clear. If Democrats in the federal government thought this was going to be an effective effort to thwart Trump’s potential presidential run in 2024, not only will that not work, but polling suggests that the scheme will backfire tremendously.

According to polling from Trafalgar/Convention of States, nearly 80% of American voters say that there are currently two tiers of justice in the American justice system, and nearly 60% believe that federal bureaucracies in Washington D.C., like the EPA, CDC, and IRS, have grown too large and only serve their own political interests.

“A majority of voters now fundamentally believe that the very federal government which exists to serve and protect citizens is no longer on their side. They see the government as too large, too invasive, and as an obstacle to their living the American dream,” Mark Meckler, former CEO of Parler and President of Convention of States Action, said. “The only way to fix this seemingly-impossible problem is an Article V Convention of States, which polling also shows is supported by a huge majority of Americans. Working together, a Convention of States will empower states to reign in the federal government, but the brakes on its growth, and end ‘permanent Washington’.”

Without a doubt, an FBI raid on the home of a former president, under the pretext of searching for allegedly classified documents that had actually already been declassified, approved by an Obama-donor judge with ties to Jeffrey Epstein, will most certainly reinforce these negative attitudes about our justice system and the bureaucracy. It seems likely that Donald Trump will be seen as the ideal candidate to reign in the out-of-control federal government, having been the target of it multiple times.

In other words, the raid that leftists in the federal government hoped would sideline Trump in 2024 may very well propel him back into office.

Reporting from PJ Media.