House Speaker Calls Americans to ‘Celebrate Life’ at D.C. Rally

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) implored Americans to “celebrate life” at Washington, D.C.’s March for Life.

“We’re all joining to celebrate life and what it means to be an American,” Johnson said.

“Every single person has inestimable dignity and value. Your value is not related in any way to the color of your skin or what zip code you live in, how good you are in sports, where you went to high school, it’s irrelevant. Your value is inherent because it is given to you by your creator,” he added.

“Our national creed is the essence of who we are in this country. It is the foundational principle that made us the freest, most successful, most powerful, most benevolent nation in the history of the world, and we can never forget that.”

Johnson shared that he was the product of an unplanned pregnancy.

“I am myself the product of an unplanned pregnancy. In January of 1972, just one year before Roe v Wade, my parents who were just seventeen at the time, chose life. And, I am very profoundly grateful that they did.”

”We have to build a culture that encourages and assists more and more people to make that same decision. This is a critical time to help all moms who are facing unplanned pregnancies, to work with foster children, and to help families who are adopting, to volunteer and assist our vital pregnancy resource centers and our maternity homes, and to reach a renewed hand of compassion and to speak the truth in love,” Johnson declared.