House Approves Resolution to Hold Hunter Biden in Contempt of Congress

The House Judiciary Committee approved a resolution to hold Hunter Biden in contempt of Congress for defying a subpoena.

The vote was approved 23 to 14.

A vote by the House Oversight Committee vote was 25-21.

“Hunter Biden refused to comply with lawful subpoenas requiring he appear for a deposition. Meanwhile, Hunter Biden has shown he has no problem showing up on Capitol Hill to engage in political stunts. While this Committee waited to lawfully depose him on December 13, 2023, he held a press conference on the Senate steps—just a short walk away,” House Committee on Oversight and Accountability Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said in a statement. “Then today, Hunter Biden brazenly walked into our hearing unannounced after committing a criminal act when he defied our duly issued subpoenas. We have no idea why he showed up. Some of my Democratic colleagues claim it was to answer questions. Did his lawyers tell the Democrats that? Hunter Biden’s lawyers did not tell us why he was here. They told us nothing.”

“Today demonstrates why Hunter Biden must be found in contempt of Congress. He showed up to this hearing room and left several minutes later. He says he will answer questions. But only when and where he wants to. Democrats want Hunter Biden to receive special treatment. Hunter Biden thinks he is entitled to special treatment. We cannot allow that. All Americans must be treated equally under the law. And that includes the Bidens,” he continued.

“Failure to hold Hunter Biden responsible for defying a lawful subpoena sends the wrong message to the American public and future recipients. Congress must vote to protect the Constitutional powers of the U.S. House of Representatives in order to ensure robust congressional oversight on behalf of the American People.”

A source familiar with the situation told Fox News Digital a full House floor vote may come next week.

Ranking Member of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) condemned the vote.

“In the first few days of the New Year, Congressional Republicans have made blatantly clear that their commanding legislative priority is to deliver on President Trump’s demands for political retribution,” he said in a statement.

“If Chairman Comer were truly interested in seeking evidence for his investigation, instead of holding this markup today, we would be hearing from Hunter Biden. But this painful impeachment inquiry has nothing to do with facts or evidence, as made clear by Chairman Comer’s repeated misrepresentations about witness testimony and refusal to release interview transcripts,” Raskin added. “The fact remains that there is no evidence showing any wrongdoing, let alone an impeachable offense, by President Biden. No amount of huffing and puffing can change that.”