Hosting Platform Pledges to Never Censor Legal Speech

Silicon Valley could be getting a run for their money in RightForge, an American internet hosting platform that promises to not censor legal speech.

  • American hosting platform RightForge promises it will not censor legal speech and offers to be an alternative to “Big Tech” hosting, according to ReclaimTheNet.
  • Platform co-founder Christopher Bedford said they are committed to fighting censorship by Big Tech, and said that they plan to be a safe alternative to other, riskier, hosting platforms.
  • Bedford spoke to Breitbart about the platform, saying he has found that censorship has forced conservatives in particular to create a “parallel internet.”
  • The co-founder said he believes that the internet should be considered like other public resources, such as a highway, where no legal reason to use it is prohibited.
  • According to a late 2021 report from AllSides, RightForge has described its ideological commitment as “American ideology” according to Fox Business.
  • “I think the Internet ought to be free,” said Bedford. “The Internet ought to be a highway essentially, that folks can use. We’re not trying to go out there and build a conservative Internet … we’re trying to build a Bill of Rights,” Bedford explained to Breitbart News.
  • “So we’ve seen warning shots,” Bedford explained. “Previously, we’ve seen companies taken down, we’ve seen Google demonetizing different folks for pushing the wrong agendas and ones that they didn’t agree with.”
  • “We’ve seen people shadowbanned. We’ve seen people kicked off of Twitter, we saw the President United States kicked off Twitter,” he added. He explained: “The whole idea of the American Dream is if you don’t like something, or you think you can do something better, then go try and do it.”
  • Conservatives have been suffering discrimination against tech platforms, including television station One America News Network who lost its distribution by DirecTV, according to Yahoo News.
  • Conservative microblogging platform Parler was shut down by Apple, Google, and Amazon as Fox News reported.