The insanity of marketing mass vaccination to those already recovered from COVID

Aside from the government treating children as if they are at risk from this virus, the most consequentially unscientific policy from our government is the treatment of convalescent COVID patients as if they are not immune to the virus. Government has refused to lift any restrictions on those already infected and treats them as less immune than those who are vaccinated, still encouraging them to get the vaccine. In fact, the science says just the opposite.

Last week, even Jordan Peterson, a public figure admired by many people suspicious of the government-corporate monopoly, tweeted out that he is getting vaccinated because he believes his antibody levels from prior infection are too low to protect him.

This speaks to just how much the government and media have censored the information about T cells and how even a mild infection conveys long-term robust immunity against reinfection. One study found the immunity to last even 17 years later from SARS-1-infected patients who never even had COVID-19. Let’s put aside the fact that the vaccines themselves have not been proven effective beyond a few months so far and thus would suffer the same perceived flaw of waning immunity as previous infection. The reality is that it’s already proven that natural immunity is broader, more robust, and enduring than anything from a vaccine.